About our company...

Our company, a small family business, was founded 1969. It’s employing Kathy and Alfred Friedli senior, plus also Fred Friedli junior.
Our name FRIHO bears two meanings: Friedli Holz (wood), and Friedli HO (HO means scale 1:87 modeltrains)
1968  Conversion of our household requirements-store and nursery into a wood-carving-speciality store(Holzboutique).

1969  Business-takeover by todays owner, Alfred senior from his father.

Expansion of our sales-rooms, newly including a toyshop and a specialized modeltrain section.
First advertisements are published in model train magazines.
          “Lenk”- logo of the “good old days”
Customized models are getting repainted, improved and refined with special parts and  accessories.    Inscribing in those times was done mainly with letraset.

Fred Friedli junior is joining the family-business.
In the following years we are producing several custom-models and limited series.
1994  our 20th. Anniversary  (20 Years FRIHO Modellbahnen).


Special-anniversary-train-ride for our customers, provided by MOB.     
1996  Putting into operation of a modern pad printing-machine


Pad-printng-machine: (mikro-colourprinting in highest quality)

1998  Installement of a computerised milling machine in our mechanical department. Computer assisted drawing (CAD) is getting helpful for our high quality corrosion-brass-models, and enables us to realise some “dreams”.

In the meantime we’ve been producing and planning further HOm & HO highquality-custom-models. There will be plenty of amazing new models in the near future.
2004  our 30th. Anniversary  (30 Years  FRIHO Modellbahnen).